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Visiting The Doctor Who Set (ft. Jake Dudman, Bully & Maude Garrett) - Doctor Who The Fan Show

Christel Dee explores Roath Lock Studios in 2017, on The Fan Show.


Behind The Scenes at Doctor Who

Jake Dudman explores Roath Lock on his own YouTube channel, that same day.


Welcome to the World of Doctor Who Sundays at 8pm BBC America

Lauren Pate's guided tour to the back lot, on Access All Areas.

Roath Lock, or Porth y Rhath in Welsh, is a BBC drama village situated in Cardiff near Cardiff Bay. It was adjacent to the Doctor Who Experience until the Experience closed in 2017. From 2012, Doctor Who was filmed here, joined by Class in 2016. Prior to the death of Elisabeth Sladen, The Sarah Jane Adventures had also planned to use the studios.

The "lock" in the name refers to the waterway linking Roath Basin to Roath Dock and Cardiff Bay, and the studios are built next to the former lock-keeper's cottage.[1]

Construction began in 2010, and completed on 20 February 2011. The production centre is 170,000 square feet in area. It was acquired through a partnership between the Welsh government, Cardiff Council and the site developers igloo Regeneration. VINCI Construction UK was involved in its construction.[2][3]

Roath Lock officially opened on 12 March 2012.[1][4]

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