A renegade was the narrator of the Rivera Manuscript. The Manuscript described his action-packed capture by an unknown power and his subsequent praxis-induced vision of the devastation of the Homeworld.

Personality Edit

The renegade was inquisitive by nature; when he was arrested by guards near a chapterhouse he immediately began to bluster and stall in an attempt to gain more information. He was also brave, rushing straight into the burning wreckage of the chapterhouse following its destruction.

He immediately made friends with a female servant, and he naturally rose to become leader of the group of survivors. He was knowledgeable about science, or at least scientific jargon; at one point he baselessly speculated that a fireball was a "supercharged chunk of the causal nexus itself". When the enemy forces invaded the loomshed, he was disappointed that they ignored him. Upon seeing the Ashla shock-troops, he commented, "I don't think I've faced such a beautiful enemy, or such a dangerous one." (PROSE: The Book of the War)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • In personality, the renegade closely resembles the Doctor.