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A river was a body of water. There were several rivers on Earth. (TV: Doctor Who, Aliens of London / World War Three, WC: Shada and others)

Extraterrestrial rivers[edit | edit source]

Gallifrey also had at least one river, (PROSE: Lungbarrow, PROSE: Blind Fury) as did the Gamma Forests. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War) Yaddlefish lived in Gallifreyan rivers. (PROSE: Blind Fury)

River Song's name originated from a literal translation of her original name, Melody Pond, into the language of the Gamma Forests. They translated "pond" as "river," since the only water in the forest was the river. (TV: The Doctor's Wife, A Good Man Goes to War)

Kromon had rivers in "angry flood", which "the company" diverted to exploit resources on the planet. (AUDIO: The Creed of the Kromon)

Out of normal universe[edit | edit source]

On the E-Space planet Alzarius, Alzarians used to settle near a river before their departure from the world. Riverfruits grew onshore. It was the original habitat of the Marshmen. (TV: Full Circle)

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