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Ritz Tower was an apartment building in Cardiff, built on the former site of the Ritz dance hall. Its address was 11 Richmond Street.


Ritz Tower was the only luxury real estate property not owned by the Sorvix. People living there engaged each other in dinner parties that were, in reality, fights to the death. The winner received the better apartment. The original permits were in the name of Zaheed Shah, but Bilis Manger took over all the paperwork and designed the building to harness the power of human aggression in order to open the rift and send a message to whomever the Sorvix fled from, wanting them out of Cardiff. Dinner party served exactly this purpose.

When Sandra and Andrea tried to kill Colin Colchester-Price, St John Colchester killed them, supplying enough aggression energy for Bilis to send his message (AUDIO: A Kill to a View) to God. (AUDIO: Future Pain)

A refugee camp was formed at Ritz Tower after the tsunami. Colin and Tyler Steele both volunteered to help there. Bethan Foster was a frequent visitor. (AUDIO: A Mother's Son)

Ritz Tower became the only source of drinkable water in Cardiff thanks to Orr, who had been transferred God's powers. As a result, it was stormed by civilians. (AUDIO: Day Zero)


Rowan and Poppy Briley lived on the seventh floor.

Duncan B. lived on a lower floor.

Patricia Campbell lived in Flat 32.

Sandra and Andrea lived in Flat 149.

St John Colchester and Colin Colchester-Price lived in Flat 151.

Amber was also a resident of the tower. (AUDIO: A Kill to a View)