Ritual of Tuburr (Descendance)

Izaxyrl goes trough the Ritual of Tuburr (COMIC: Descendance)

The Ritual of Tuburr (or the Rite of Ascendancy) was an early rite of passage for young Ice Warriors to become Ice Lords.

The Ritual of Tuburr required a young Ice Warrior to spend a week (or possibly a month) in the wastelands of Mars without weapons or armour. They would then pull the Sword of Tuburr out of a fire with their bare hands and pledge an oath to Tuburr. (PROSE: Legacy)

The Ice Lord needed to show no fear or pain, for this would be a sign of weakness. The Ice Warrior would be guarded by seven soldiers who would kill any trespassers; if they failed their lives were forfeit. If the ritual were interrupted or stopped, the Ice Warrior could not become an adult. (COMIC: Descendance)

Though this ceremony was necessary for accession, Ice Warriors could still become adults in rare circumstances. (COMIC: Ascendance)

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