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Rita-Anne Smith was the blind grandmother of Mickey Smith. She lived at at 1 Waterton Street in London.

Her son and Mickey's father Jackson Smith abandoned him at an early age and he ended up living with her. Mickey's girlfriend Rose Tyler described her as "such a great woman" who would always slap him around.

Rita-Anne, known as a "firebrand, meddler and a troublemaker", took her little grandson into her own home not long after Jackson abandoned him, but kept him in the same school and ensured he remained in close contact with his friends from the Powell Estate. On his sixteenth birthday, Rita-Anne put him on the housing list of the Powell Estate and pushed him to move back to be closer to his friends. (PROSE: Rose)

In 2002, Rita-Anne died of a broken neck after falling downstairs due to Mickey having neglected to fix the stair carpet, which Mickey always felt guilty about. (TV: Rise of the Cybermen) At this point, she had been blind for 20 years.

Three hundred people came to her funeral, for she was an extremely beloved woman, and the residents of Waterton Street closed the roads off to have a party in her memory. (PROSE: Rose)

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