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Risen was a Doctor Who mini-episode written by Pete McTighe, and released in 2021. It was released as part of Davros Rises!, a longer YouTube webcast, which also included a trailer for the Season 17 Doctor Who Blu-ray and interview clips with various actors who had appeared in Season 17. A prequel to Destiny of the Daleks, the webcast featured the return of David Gooderson to the part of Davros for the first time since 1979, being his second-ever Davros performance.


Davros, dormant in the ruins of the Kaled bunker on Skaro, slowly awakes as he feels a Dalek flying saucer approaching the planet. As a pair of Grey Daleks begin to dig up the ruins, his hand begins to stir. But before long, on the surface, a very different ship also arrives.





  • This was the first of Pete McTighe's minisodes released in conjunction with The Collection to have its title included in the credits of the webcast presentation. It got a production profile in DWM 571 where McTighe emphasised that it "would feel reductive" to call it a trailer, referring to it explicitly as a mini-episode.
  • McTighe noted that, when brainstorming a mini-episode to accompany the trailer for the The Collection Blu-ray release of Season 17, he considered bringing Bron andCleese as their art-lover characters. However, he feared that the characters would be too obscure for general audiences, and ultimately scrapped the idea in favour of bringing David Gooderson back as Davros. He revealed that Gooderson had recorded his line as Davros in three takes during a lunch break while he was filming the new making-of documentary for Destiny of the Daleks included in the Collection Blu-ray box set itself.