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Ripper's Curse was the second story published in Doctor Who (2011). Like the first, it featured the newly-married Amy Pond and Rory Williams in an adventure with the Eleventh Doctor.

Publisher's summary[]

Part one[]

This is it! No alternate worlds, no dreams or virtual cities-it's the first time ever that the Doctor goes up against JACK THE RIPPER! When the Doctor, Rory, and Amy find themselves in Whitechapel in 1888, they become part of a murder hunt for Jack himself-or should that be Jack ITself?

Part two[]

Jack The Ripper has been caught! And even the Doctor has trouble talking his way out of this one! But why is the true Ripper following Amy? What is her connection to Mary Kelly? And how has Rory become the chief of police?

Part three[]

Mary Kelly's dead, but was she supposed to die? In a changing future, the Doctor discovers his actions have led to a larger number of "canonical" Ripper victims—and that Amy is remembered as the next to be murdered... Can they find her before the future becomes real?


The Ripper's Curse (1)[]

The group travel back to Jack the Ripper's murders.

The Ripper's Gift (2)[]

Amy is kidnapped and wakes up bound and gagged with a green alien lizard looming on her.

The Canonical Twelve (3)[]

The Doctor and Rory hear in the Present Amy became one of the Ripper's victims. They go back to save her, the Doctor saying eventually the Universe will accept the changed list. In the past Amy is bound and gagged and encounters a green monstrosity, that claims it will take the Doctor's Time Craft. She finds Mary Kelly, who was also drugged. The Doctor and Rory meet a similar creature who claims the murderer is Mac'atyde, a criminal he is tracking. They battle and are sent through a portal into space.



  • Amy Pond and Rory Williams use the aliases Miss Marple and Inspector Clouseau.
  • Mac'atyde hears the Doctor's two hearts.
  • Alternate timelines have a period of time before "the universe accepts them".
  • Mac'atyde's portal is mistaken for a freak time eddy.
  • Rory claims he liked Inspector Frederick Abberline better when he looked like Johnny Depp.

Story notes[]

  • Despite the publisher's claim for part one, above, the Doctor has indeed investigated the crimes of Jack the Ripper before, in the BBC novel Matrix.
  • In A Good Man Goes to War, which aired not long after this comic story concluded, Madame Vastra claims to have caught and eaten Jack the Ripper. This contradicts the events of Ripper's Curse.