Ricky McIlveen was a human psionic, with the ability to control the emotions of others, even becoming the alpha male in any group he was in. His parents were Vincent Wheaton, who was also psionic, and Justine Wheaton. When Justine saw Vincent use his power to kill someone, she left him, eventually marrying Creed McIlveen.

Years later, Vincent becomes the history teacher at Ricky's school. He wanted to reintroduce himself into his son's life. Vincent's motives were not entirely altruistic, as he hoped to convince his son to use his powers to help Vincent take over the world. The Seventh Doctor speculated that though Vincent was Ricky's father, Creed having sex with Justine while she was pregnant and he using warlock may have influenced Ricky's powers as much as Vincent. After Amy Cowan killed Vincent to prevent him from hurting Justine, the Doctor, Chris Cwej and Jack promised to help him learn how to use his powers. (PROSE: Warchild)

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