Richard Maynarde (1607-2 November 1657) was the servant of Lady Peinforte in Windsor in 1638. Before he entered her service, he was a hardened criminal who had been found guilty of a great number of offences.

He served Lady Peinforte in her pursuit of the Statue of Nemesis, a statue of validium from Gallifrey which she had shaped herself. The Seventh Doctor launched it into space on a rocket-sled. Unknown to Richard and Peinforte, they travelled through a time storm created by Fenric to 1988. They arrived in Peinforte's house, which had been turned into a cafe.

Seeing this "horrible" future with its strange people and things, he wished to return to their own time, but Lady Peinforte would not leave without the statue. A battle broke out between the Cybermen and De Flores' Neo-Nazis, who also wanted the Nemesis. She killed two Cybermen with arrows and Richard killed one himself. Peinforte took him to see his own grave, which stood just outside Windsor Castle.


Richard's tombstone. (TV: Silver Nemesis)

They then went to see Peinforte's tomb. Though her body was not there, the statue was. The Cybermen had moved it there. When deFlores arrived, Richard gave him the arrow and took Peinforte to safety against her wishes.

When they returned to seek the Nemesis, Peinforte went mad when the Doctor gave the Nemesis to the Cyber-Leader instead of her. She merged with the Nemesis and was destroyed in space when the Nemesis destroyed the Cyber-Fleet. The Doctor and Ace returned Richard to his own time. He died on 2 November 1657 at the age of 50. (TV: Silver Nemesis)

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