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Richard Dinnick (born 22 January 1968[1]) is a TV writer who contributes prose, comic strips and audio dramas tie-in media for BBC Books, BBC Children's Books, Titan Publishing, Big Finish Productions Doctor Who Adventures, Doctor Who Insider and Doctor Who DVD Files magazine.

In the course of his writing he has created many recurring aliens, monsters and characters including the Volsci, the Dahensa, the Pathicols, the Metraxi, and the Ra'ra'vis.


Besides Doctor Who, he has also written for other franchises (Stargate, Sapphire & Steel) and companies (Noise Monster, Sunbird, Titan).

He writes for children's and mainstream drama TV as well as his own IP in comic books such as ROB (Legendary Entertainment). [2]

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  • Doctor Who: A History of the Supreme Dalek
  • Doctor Who: A History of the Adipose
  • Doctor Who: A History of the Weeping Angels
  • Doctor Who: A History of K9
  • Doctor Who: A History of the Sonic Screwdriver
  • Doctor Who: A History of the Cybermen
  • Doctor Who: A History of the Daleks
  • Doctor Who: A History of the TARDIS

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