Richard Atkinson did illustrations for Decalog 3: Consequences [1] and designed cover art for a number of Short Trips collections, including Short Trips: The Centenarian. [2] In 1995, he created a website called The Doctor Who Books Page. A year later it was taken over by Daniel O'Malley and later became The Tardis Library.

Atkinson reviewed a number of Big Finish Productions audio dramas as a contributor to TV Zone magazine. Gary Russell joked that Atkinson would give scathing reviews as revenge for the author's inclusion of him as a character in The Scales of Injustice [3]

Atkinson was credited as a designer on Doctor Who Magazine issue 401. He also did freelance work for Doctor Who Adventures issues 50-69 and was among those thanked in Doctor Who Storybook 2009. Atkinson contributed a DVD review to Doctor Who Magazine issue 435.

In 2020, Atkinson designed the pages of Revenge of the Nestene to fluidly resemble an additional 21st chapter to the novelisation of Rose. He received "special thanks" on its release, alongside Big Finish Productions who were involved on the audio release.

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