Ribbons of the Seven Stomachs was a mysterious humanoid whom the Thirteenth Doctor, Yaz, and Graham met in one of the Anti-zones.

Nature Edit

Ribbons lived in an Anti-zone that connected the Doctor's Universe to the Solitract plane, and described himself as a "trader", offering travellers a chance to trade a possession of theirs in exchange for information or for his guiding them through the dangerous passage. He often made comments that implied he ate (or would like to eat) other humanoids. When asked how he had found his way to the Anti-zone, Ribbons claimed to have "always been here"; he described the Doctor's query as to whether he lived there in the Anti-Zone and why he hadn't used the portal leading from it to the wider Universe as one of “the clever questions”.

History Edit

When the Doctor and friends entered the Anti-zone, they came across Ribbons and asked if he knew a human named Erik. Ribbons didn't know him by name but had indeed seen him pass, opining that he was "ugly" (for lacking horns and having only one mouth) but that he had marvellous boots. asked for her sonic as payment for his information and his lantern. Soon after, a swarm of flesh moths came to feed on them. Ribbons tripped over and was devoured by the moths down to his bones, much as he'd described to the humans — with Ryan Sinclair and Hanne coming across his skeletal remains when they entered the Anti-zone not long after. (TV: It Takes You Away)

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