Rhaoubak was a concubine to Pharaoh Amenhotep II who lived in Egypt circa 1400 BC. She lived in the Palace of the Concubines. (PROSE: The Coming of the Queen) She was one of sixty wives to the Pharaoh, and the mother of Erimem. (AUDIOThe Eye of the Scorpion)

She told Erimem that her father was trying to sire a new heir to the throne in the Palace of the Concubines after his sons were killed. (PROSE: The Coming of the Queen)

When it seemed that Erimem would ascend the throne to be Pharaoh, she believed her daughter to be a living god, and was unable to look her in the face. (AUDIOThe Eye of the Scorpion) Shortly before she was to die, Erimem travelled back in time to visit. Showing her the power of her travel ring, Erimem told her mother that she had lived a good life, and her daughter truly was a god. (PROSE: Out Among the Stars)

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