"Rezzie" was the name taken by old women living in Paradise Towers.

History Edit

When war broke out, all the men were conscripted. The Rezzies and Kangs were shipped to Paradise Towers. There the Rezzies were given flats. However, food was scarce and many turned to cannibalism. They ate several Kangs and were deemed untrustworthy.

When Melanie Bush visited Tilda and Tabby's flat, they attempted to fatten her up for eating by giving her large quantities of food. When Pex burst through their door, Mel left with him, much to their annoyance. She returned some time later. Realising they might not get another chance, Tabby and Tilda took her prisoner. Mel noticed something was wrong with their waste disposal unit and as Tabby went to inspect it, she was dragged through by a cleaner. Tilda blamed Mel and went to kill her, but was interrupted when Pex burst in. She threw a knife at him but missed and when she went to get another, she too was grabbed by the cleaner. Both were either killed in the process or shortly after.


Tabby and Tilda fatten up an unwitting Mel. (TV: Paradise Towers)

Maddy reported this to the Caretakers and gave a statement to the Chief Caretaker. In return for her silence on the matter, the Chief suggested he could get her the flat, which was significantly bigger than her own. When the cleaners, under the orders of Kroagnon, began gassing each floor of Paradise Towers from bottom to top, the Rezzies were forced upwards. Many died in the fumes but a few made it to Floor 304.

There, Maddy spoke for the Rezzies in apology for their misdeeds. They allied themselves with the Kangs, Caretakers, the Seventh Doctor and Pex. They helped destroy several cleaners while Pex defeated Kroagnon by sacrificing his own life. In his honour, the residents of Paradise Towers held a memorial service which the Rezzies attended. (TV: Paradise Towers)

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