Captain Reynolds was a commander in the Scots Guards charged with guarding Queen Victoria against assassins on her way to Balmoral Castle in 1879 with his platoon of soldiers.

Whilst travelling to Balmoral, he and the others met the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler, the former using his psychic paper to pass himself off as the Queen's protector. They stopped for the night at Torchwood Estate, where Reynolds ate with the Doctor, Sir Robert MacLeish and Victoria; he showed signs of overexcitement over dining with her Majesty, before apologising when this was pointed out. He listened to Robert tell the story of a werewolf, though was sceptical about it being true, believing such stories to hide the work of thieves.

Soon after, the Brethren unleashed the Lupine Wavelength Haemovariform at the Queen; Father Angelo personally knocked out Reynolds, though Victoria shot him soon after (claiming that Reynolds did so when asked about it). When Sir Robert, Victoria, the Doctor and Rose retreated upstairs, Reynolds attempted to hold off the beast with a pistol in order to buy the four some time. He told the Queen to escape the house, leaving her in the protection of the Doctor, and branded Sir Robert as a traitor. Captain Reynolds was told by the Doctor that bullets can't stop it; this was quickly confirmed when, despite knocking it back with an initial shot at close range, he was quickly overpowered and killed. (TV: Tooth and Claw)

Behind the scenes Edit

The medal worn by Captain Reynolds is the South Africa Medal awarded to those who participated in the Anglo-Zulu War[1].

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