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You may be looking for the titular "Revolution Man".

Revolution Man was the twenty-first novel in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Paul Leonard, released 6 April 1999 and featured the Eighth Doctor, Sam Jones and Fitz Kreiner.

Publisher's summary[]

1967: The Revolution has just started. All you need is love — but the ability to bend space and time helps. An entity called the Revolution Man is writing his graffiti across the surface of the Earth, using a drug called Om-Tsor.

Trouble is, none of this was supposed to happen. The Doctor knows that the Revolution Man isn't for real, that he's part of the problem, not part of the solution. But how is he going to convince the flower children? How is he going to convince Sam? And he doesn't dare tell Fitz...

1968: The Chinese People's Army want to defeat the capitalists. Om-Tsor is the most powerful means available, and the source is on their doorstep. If half of India is immolated — well you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs...

1969: The Revolution Man has decided. Mankind is evil, not good. The only way forward is to destroy all of it. The Doctor and Sam struggle to find him but time is running out...


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  • Following Ed's death Maddie goes on to form a Revolution Man cult and dies in 1973 from a drug overdose.

The Doctor[]


  • Om-Tsor, the closest "accurate" name is Rubasdpofiaew. Om-Tsor was also the name the Tibetan monks gave to it.
  • Om-Tsor doesn't work on people who have already been brain washed.


  • Fitz shoots Ed Hill, which throws his Om-Tsor powers out of control. The Doctor shoots Ed, killing him to prevent his powers running away into the Eye of Harmony and destroying the Earth.
  • The Doctor attended Fidel Castro's funeral in Havana.
  • The Doctor mentions his association with Chairman Mao.
  • Sam mentions having been on the "front line" and "killing people".
  • It is four years ago in Sam's personal timeline that she and the Doctor were in Los Angeles fighting vampires.
  • Sam's passport (that the Doctor gives her) gives her name as Mrs Evelyn Smith.
  • Sam dials a number in Kent to get the Doctor's location.
  • Sam blames Fitz for creating a situation where the Doctor had to shoot someone.
  • Fitz recalls events on Vega Station.
  • Fitz leaves the TARDIS for two years.
  • When Fitz leaves the TARDIS the Doctor gives him bonds and credit cards.
  • Fitz gets brain washed by the Communist China and ends up back involved with the Doctor whilst negotiating a bomb / Om-Tsor trade deal.
  • Jean-Pierre Rex is an anarchist. He poses as the Revolution Man. He's part of the Total Liberation Brigade.
  • Ed Hill is the Revolution Man. He ends up with a damaged spine and uses Om-Tsor to mentally project himself.
  • Pippa thinks Sam is a lesbian due to her short hair.
  • The Doctor knows George Airy.


  • Fitz wonders to himself if the TARDIS or its telepathic circuits can "alter perceptions, perform mental conjuring tricks that made its inhabitants invisible except when they wanted to be seen."
  • The Doctor has mentioned the chameleon circuit to Fitz in relation to why the TARDIS looks like a police box.
  • The Doctor gives Fitz a card that can summon the TARDIS in an emergency.
  • Whilst monitoring spacial anomalies the TARDIS shouldn't be moved.
  • The Cloister Bell rings when Ed Hill disrupts the Eye of Harmony.


  • 18 May 1969 could have been the end of the world and the beginning of World War III had the Doctor not stopped Ed Hill's plans.
  • Fitz leaves the TARDIS for two years of "his" time, but this is about a week for the Doctor and Sam.


Psychic powers[]

  • The Doctor takes a lot of Om-Tsor to telekinetically stop missiles around the world.
  • Fitz pretends to be a Psychic Investigator.


  • Sam wonders to herself who might have the technology to melt stone, wondering out loud if it could be the Selachians or the Zygons.
  • Jympyn are a species that lives on Gaby's World.



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