Revenge of the Slitheen was the first serial of series 1 of The Sarah Jane Adventures. It was written by Gareth Roberts and directed by Alice Troughton. It featured Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, Yasmin Paige as Maria Jackson, Tommy Knight as Luke Smith, Daniel Anthony as Clyde Langer and Alexander Armstrong as Mr Smith.

It was comprised of the first two regular episodes of the series. The episode was notable for the introduction of the character Clyde, as well as the reintroduction of the Slitheen, who had previously appeared in the Doctor Who stories Aliens of London/World War Three and Boom Town and would be prominently featured in future SJA serials.

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First days at school are always difficult. For Maria Jackson and Luke Smith, the task of blending in is made all the more difficult when their teachers turn out to be aliens from outer space, back for revenge!

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Maria and Luke start their new school but find all is not as it seems. Aided by Sarah and their new friend Clyde, they find the Slitheen, old enemies of the Doctor, this time disguised as teachers, have taken control of the technology block and are trying to switch off the sun. Luke unknowingly gives the Slitheen the code to start the machine and they start to absorb the power of the sun. Sarah investigates the company controlling the science block, and Maria, Luke and Clyde investigate the school. Sarah is attacked by a female Slitheen, who disguised herself as a company secretary, Janine. Luke finds a secret room and is confronted by the Slitheen commander Glune Fex Fize Sharlaveer-Slam Slitheen, disguised as the headmaster Greg Blakeman. Maria is underneath an IT desk while Luke's science teacher Tim Jeffery unzips in front of her, revealing himself to be a Slitheen Kist Magg Thek Lutiven-Day Slitheen. The only thing visible to Maria is his big green Slitheen feet. Maria runs away and is chased by Kist. She meets up with Clyde, who spots Kist and runs away with Maria. As Carl, the school genius, saves them from Kist, Carl unzips to reveal a child Slitheen.

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They escape and head back to 13 Bannerman Road. Clyde figures out that the Slitheen are allergic to vinegar, and the team head off back to the school with squirty bottles of vinegar. After Maria uses the vinegar to blow up Glune, they head over to the secret room in the block and Luke tricks the Slitheen by telling them the machine won't take the power of the sun. He turns the machine off and uses the sonic lipstick to cause the machine to malfunction. As the room explodes, the continental Slitheen, still disguised, escape whilst Janine is electrocuted and explodes and Kist and Carl are trapped. They beg for Sarah's help, and she tries to open the door, but Kist is killed when the technology explodes. However, at the same time, Carl escapes. Sarah is highly affected by this, as she thinks Carl is dead. Afterwards, she tells Clyde about her travels with the Doctor, and then accepts him into the team, before sharing a long hug with Luke. She now knows that she's not alone in the world any more.

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  • One of the Slitheen says, "For the love of Clom".

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  • The first episode aired on BBC 1 only. Part two was broadcast afterwards on the CBBC channel, and was shown on BBC 1 a week later.
  • Beginning with part one, The Sarah Jane Adventures adopted a format of twenty-five-minute episodes (following its sixty-minute pilot episode). This marked the first time a Doctor Who franchise series used the twenty-five-minute episode format since episode 3 of Survival concluded the original series in 1989.
  • Part one includes flashback footage from Invasion of the Bane.
  • The character of Maria's friend Kelsey Hooper, played by Porsha Lawrence-Mavour in Invasion of the Bane, was dropped for the series as it was felt there were too many female characters in the show, so Clyde was created instead.
  • The American newsreader Trinity Wells (aka Mal Loup), who appears in numerous Doctor Who episodes, makes her first SJA appearance.

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  • Part 1 - 1.4m viewers
  • Part 2 - 1.1m viewers

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  • Clinton Road Penarth (Bannerman Road)
  • Whitchurch High School Cardiff, Robinswood Crescent, Penarth
  • Cardiff High School, Cardiff
  • Mamhilad Park Industrial Estate, Pontypool, Wales
  • Coleg Morgannwg, Parc Nantgarw, Caerphilly
  • Unit A5, Pontypridd
  • Coldfire Construction, Ffordd-Y-Gollen, Tonteg, Mid Glamorgan

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If you'd like to talk about narrative problems with this story — like plot holes and things that seem to contradict other stories — please go to this episode's discontinuity discussion.
  • When the unmasked Jeffrey is chasing Maria and Clyde and he says the line, "Children, come to me", the shot of Jeffrey is Birdseye, revealing the actor's head rather than the Slitheen's.
  • When Mr Smith is showing them the American news channel, down the info bar at the bottom it reads, "the pacific ocean" instead of the "the Pacific Ocean".
  • When Clyde is squirting vinegar at Glune, he realises that he has no more vinegar in his squeezie. However, in the previous shot, a good quarter of the mixture is still visible.
  • The audio tracks containing lines of dialogue dubbed by the voice actors of the Slitheen are sometimes out of sync with the lip movements performed by the actors in the suits.

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