Revenge of the Judoon was a 2008 novella written by Terrance Dicks and the third Doctor Who Quick Reads release.

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The TARDIS brings the Tenth Doctor and Martha to Balmoral in 1902. Here they meet Captain Harry Carruthers — friend of the new king, Edward VII. Together they head for the castle to see the king — only to find that Balmoral Castle is gone, leaving just a hole in the ground. The Doctor realises it it the work of the Judoon — a race of ruthless space police.

While Martha and Carruthers seek answers in London, the Doctor finds himself in what should be the most deserted place on Earth — and he is not alone.

With help from Arthur Conan Doyle, the Doctor and his friends discover a plot to take over the world. With time running out, who will fall victim to the revenge of the Judoon?

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  • The Doctor mentions the Plasmavore from his previous encounter with the Judoon.
  • The Ogrons, mercenaries of the Daleks, are briefly mentioned as a replacement for the Judoon.

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  • This novella was also released as an ebook available from the Amazon Kindle store.
  • This was the last Quick Reads release to feature one of the Doctor's companions until the novel Magic of the Angels in 2012; no Quick Reads featuring Donna Noble were ever published.

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