Revellers of Doom was the thirteenth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Christmas Around the World. It was written by Matthew Griffiths. It featured the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe.


The Doctor and Evelyn visit Iceland but find themselves in tunnels underground. They find a man named Bob, who tells them about a Christmas party being given by Nicholas Santana. The tunnels start to close, and Evelyn is separated from the other two. She is taken to the lower levels to work, where there are several other people working for free.

The Doctor and Bob are stopped by a guard who lets the Doctor into the party. He learns that Nick is giving a party for anyone who was invited or gave a donation. Those who tried to gatecrash are in the lower levels, working for the party. Nick has a special surprise for his guests.

Below, Evelyn meets another worker named Libby, who helps her find a place to work. Bob soon joins them, having been unable to get into the party. He tells Evelyn that the Doctor is fine. Libby begins placing bombs in the packages she has been wrapping for the party to protest the working conditions. Bob protests, and the other workers see him as a threat and throw him into one of the chutes.

At the party, bombs begin to explode. Nick tells the Doctor his surprise: because the Earth is experiencing solar flares, it is warm even in Iceland. He plans to make snow for his guests by releasing magma in the tunnels. Bob appears suddenly from a chute and warns the Doctor about the workers' uprising. Nick starts the vaporiser. The rumbling of the machine startles the workers, and Libby falls into a chute. The blockage hampers the vaporiser. Libby falls out of the chute at the party, giving the Doctor an idea.

He yells through a chute to Evelyn, telling her to bomb the chute containing the lava. She doesn't know which chute so she has to guess. She picks the wrong chute, so the Doctor works some controls on Nick's machine, blocking the tunnel. He then reverses the vaporiser.

The Doctor and Evelyn leave the others to their party.



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