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Revelation! was a Sixth Doctor comic published in Doctor Who Magazine. It was loosely connected to the previous strip, Exodus, and led directly into Genesis!.

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In the castle on Sylvaniar, Professor Verdeghast is strangled from behind by an unseen figure who steals his notebook. Shortly afterwards, the Doctor, Frobisher and Peri Brown arrive in the professor's chamber in the TARDIS to investigate the disappearances they learned about in Exodus. Krogh enters with guards and imprisons them on suspicion of murdering the professor.

Krogh reveals that a Dr Polezig was killed the day before and frees the Doctor to assist his murder investigation while his companions remain imprisoned. Searching Verdeghast's chamber, the Doctor learns that Verdeghast's research is missing and that he was not killed by a living being. Dr Kravaal, a horribly scarred geneticist with an eyepatch, comes looking for Verdeghast and they send him away. Then Dr Sovak enters, crying for help. His neck bears the marks of an attacker like the one who killed Verdeghast. They leave Sovak to report to Director Rukh and find him in his office being strangled by a Cyberman with one human arm.

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  • Following the theme of biblical titling, as begun in Exodus, this story is named after the Book of Revelation in the Bible, the final book.
  • As an in-joke, artist John Ridgway drew himself as Director Rukh being strangled by a Cyberman in the closing frame.

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