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Reunion was a Brief Encounter short story published in Doctor Who Magazine 191. It was one of several stories to give an account of Peri Brown's actions after Mindwarp. In this case, the story is that she stayed on Krontep and was later visited by an unspecified incarnation of the Doctor.

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The Doctor visits Peri on Krontep to apologise for abandoning her on Thoros Beta. It has been twenty years for Peri, and she has grown bitter towards him. Angrily, she tells him she has had better things to do than think of him. Accepting her decision, the Doctor leaves.

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  • The incarnation of the Doctor that appears in this story is not specified, but is referred to as small and old, suggesting that he could be the Seventh Doctor in his later years — i.e. as he appears in Doctor Who.
  • Peri left the Doctor in the television story Mindwarp. This account contrasts with the novel Bad Therapy, which claims that Peri was returned to 20th century Earth after making peace with the Doctor.

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