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Return to the Web Planet was the fifth Doctor Who bonus story released by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Daniel O'Mahony and featured Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa.

This is the first audio to feature the Zarbi and the Menoptera and a return to Vortis. It is also the first story since the novel Twilight of the Gods in 1996 to feature either race in a prominent role.

Publisher's summary[]

"It's an ancient name. From the dark time..."

It's been hundreds of years and several regenerations since the Doctor last visited the insect world of Vortis. Much has changed during his absence, but not necessarily for the better.

This now green and pleasant land isn't the paradise it first appears. Something malevolent is living out in The Desolation... And the Doctor and Nyssa must solve the mystery before the City of Light is overrun.


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  • The Doctor tells Nyssa that he could imagine relaxing on Vortis but he has never had the opportunity to do so.
  • The Doctor tells Nyssa that Pictos and Vortis' other moons are not native to its star system and arrived in a very particular order. He implies that he was present for their arrival.
  • Acheron is the father of Hedyla.
  • The Menoptera refer to space travellers as "Sailors of the Great Ocean."
  • The Menoptera digest their food at least twice and drink acids.
  • In Menoptera mythology, Hruskin is said to have created the Zarbi to act as slaves.



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