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== Continuity ==
== Continuity ==
* An ARVID computer appeared in [[PROSE]]: ''[[Ship of Fools (novel)|Ship of Fools]]''.
* An ARVID computer appeared in [[PROSE]]: ''[[Ship of Fools (novel)|Ship of Fools]]''.
* This is a sequel to [[PROSE]]: ''[[The Mary-Sue Extrusion]]''.
* This is a sequel to [[PROSE]]: ''[[The Mary-Sue Extrusion (novel)|The Mary-Sue Extrusion]]''.
== External links ==
== External links ==

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Return to the Fractured Planet was the twenty-first Virgin Bernice Summerfield New Adventures novel. It features a return of the Strantum Seven Agent who appeared in The Mary-Sue Extrusion.

Publisher's summary

I gazed up at the smoking hole the bomb had made - and then I realised something was wrong. Benny lay beside me, slack and tangled like a discarded rag doll, unnaturally pale, and unbreathing. She was dead.

Nothing is ever simple, and nothing ever ends. Feed some drugs to laboratory rats and, two hundred generations down the line, the monsters start being born.

The fragile stability of the Dellahan quarantine has been compromised, and something has escaped. Now, a man in the incipient stages of identity-collapse and a dying Bernice Summerfield have to search the byzantine cities of the Proximian Chain for an entity that killed his lover and her friend - an entity that will turn the Chain into its own version of hell.


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  • An ARVID appears in one of the Background chapters.


  • Benny is still suffering from the Mary-Sue mind wipe she had performed.
  • Benny and the Agent get blown out of a hotel room by a bomb, leaving Benny in a coma.
  • Benny is cured of the Mary-Sue by her interaction with the Sleed brain. However on its way out, the Mary-Sue wiped several of her memories.
  • Elanore Vita Hydrant Summerfield-Kane might be a descendant of Bernice Summerfield and Jason Kane.
  • Chris Cwej goes under the alias Roland Forrester (referencing his dead friend Roz Forrester).


  • Like The Mary-Sue Extrusion, this is told primarily in first person. However throughout this novel are chapters entitled Background, discussing to the Strantum Seven Agent. There are also extracts from Bernice Summerfield's diary.


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