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Doctor Who: Return to Earth was a 2010 action-adventure video game developed by Asylum Entertainment and published by Deep Silver for the Nintendo Wii. It was one of two Doctor Who video games released on Nintendo consoles on 29 October 2010, along with Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth for the Nintendo DS.[1] Matt Smith and Karen Gillan voiced the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond, respectively.


The Eleventh Doctor and Amy help the SS Lucy Gray return home to Earth, unravel a Cyber Plot and prevent the Daleks from retrieving a lost Time Axis along the way.

The Doctor and Amy arrive on a human colony ship on its way to Earth after the planet has been rendered uninhabitable by solar flares. They are attacked without provocation by the ship's maintenance robots and become separated in the struggle.

The Doctor is eventually led to the ship's headquarters. He discovers a Cyber Leader has connected himself to the ship's AI and is blackmailing it into doing his bidding, lest he kill the crew.

Meanwhile, the Cybermen hiding in the ship ambush Amy and chase her out into space.

Guide the Doctor and Amy as they face their biggest adventure yet!


The TARDIS flies through the asteroid belt to Jupiter, which is giving out a strange signal that shouldn't be there. The Doctor and Amy decide to take a closer look when the TARDIS hits some debris. The Doctor alerts Amy that the signal is coming from the starship sitting in the middle of the debris. The TARDIS lands on the ship and Amy gets into a spacesuit as the Doctor needs her to open the cargo bay so he can park the TARDIS properly. Amy runs for her life on top of the ship as debris hits the ship. With a few feet to go, Amy sees some debris crash into the TARDIS' spot as the TARDIS shoots off into space, the Doctor managing to jump clear in time. The TARDIS floats not far away from Amy. She decides that she and the Doctor have to unite. He tells her that he is in cargo bay 14. He patches into the security system to help guide Amy, but he has to give the system an overhaul with the sonic screwdriver to investigate further. He determines something is wrong as the whole ship is deserted. He tells Amy to take a look around the ship to see if she can find anything.

As she searches, she is contacted by an AI that asks her to put the fire out; the ship is in a mess after the laser engineers left in a hurry. Amy is given a piece of equipment to extinguish the fire. The AI explains that her brothers, the Crystal Dispensers, helped the engineers' hologram targets over broken parts of the ship. She directs Amy's attention to a red hologram above the fire and tells her to use the red crystal to put it out. Amy manages to get the crystal from the AI's grumpy brother, a podium with a grumpy face on it, that retreats into the floor if he spots her. She puts the fire out. Now Amy has to get a blue crystal to get through the door ahead. The AI directs her to her blue brother who is on the ramp. Amy's path is blocked by fire but she gets a red crystal again and extinguishes it. She then obtains the blue crystal and gets through the door.

The Doctor starts to explore and is attacked by the maintenance robots. He gets a purple crystal to activate the moving machinery to get a Green Crystal to get through the door. He activates the moving machinery by getting a purple crystal and next obtains a blue crystal to get through the other door. After exploring an area of the ship, he meets Ivy, the voice of the ship. Ivy tries to send Amy to sleep by sending out maintenance robots. She gets a blue crystal and gets through the door to discover the missing crew.

The Doctor finds out that the Cybermen are on the ship and discovers a salvaged Cyber squad were building something. After getting through another door with a blue crystal, Amy flies into space. The Doctor saves Amy, but has done enough damage and is brought to the Cyber leader. The Doctor destroys the Cybermen by overloading the systems. Yet, when it seems to be all over, Daleks invade the ship.

Amy gets over a death trap to her destination and salvages the TARDIS. The Doctor comes face to face with the Dalek Supreme, who demands the Time Axis, which the Doctor gives to them, and their ship is fired into the sun. The SS Lucy Gray returns to Earth and the Doctor and Amy leave just before the systems shut down.



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Cover of Doctor Who: Return to Earth.



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