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Return of the Volsci was the tenth story of The Many Lives of Doctor Who, published in 2018.


Not long after the end of the Last Great Time War, when the Ninth Doctor had to relearn being the Doctor, he finds himself at the Battle of Minatogawa with Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness. At the Doctor's instruction, the trio sidesteps the battle and turn their attention to the nearby spaceship.

Entering the ship, the Doctor identifies the ship as belonging to the Volsci, an all female, custom grown, warrior race. Reaching the hibernation chamber, the Doctor reboots the ship and awakens one of the warriors. After crushing Jack's gun, the warrior finds that her crew mates are all dead. Detecting the Japanese warriors, the Volsci decides to destroy the ship to prevent the primitives from gaining her technology. Horrified at the death she is about to bring about, the Doctor convinces her to stand down.

Setting up a power transfer from the TARDIS, the Doctor manages to tow the Volsci ship away just as the Samurai descend. As the two ships part ways, Jack is left to mourn his broken gun.




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