Return of the Living Dad was the fifty-third Virgin New Adventures novel. It featured the Seventh Doctor, Chris Cwej and Roz Forrester. It also featured the return, for this novel only, of Jason Kane and Bernice Summerfield, now known as Bernice Kane-Summerfield and Jason Summerfield-Kane. This was author Kate Orman's fourth Doctor Who novel. Like her previous novels, it featured pyramids and the Doctor being tortured.

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"It's me, daddy. It's Bernice."

Bernice Summerfield was seven years old when her father disappeared. They said he turned and ran from the Daleks in battle. They said he was a coward.

They were wrong.

For years Benny has searched for her father. Now a clue snatches her from her honeymoon, back to the TARDIS, and on to England in the year 1983. There she at last discovers Admiral Isaac Summerfield, leading a motley crew of aliens, psychics and fanboys. Their mission: to save extra-terrestrials stranded on Earth.

But what is Benny's father doing five hundred years in his own past? And why has he been waiting for the Doctor to arrive? Can Benny really trust the man she's been looking for all her life?

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Foods and beverages Edit

Individuals Edit

  • Chris has no appendix.
  • Isaac Summerfield keeps a journal (like Benny). He's met Ace twice.

Locations Edit

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  • Jasper and Stewart are the names of two teddy bears that the Doctor and companions won at the Sprung Festival on the planet Vashig.

Organisations Edit

  • Isaac's group has had one run in with C19.
  • UNIT has come to Little Caldwell several times.

Personifications of concepts Edit

  • Death was supposedly born when the gods were drinking.

Species Edit

  • Graeme is a spatula made from a leftover bit of Auton.

Timeline Edit

  • Isaac Summerfield has been on Earth since 1963.

Time travel Edit

Weapons Edit

  • The Doctor got access to the destructor codes during his involvement with the Think Tank incident.

Notes Edit

  • This is the first meeting of Bernice and her father.
  • This is Kate Orman's fourth novel in a row to feature pyramids.
  • The working title for this novel was Big Trouble in Little Chalfont.[1]

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  1. DWM 252 (Licence to Kill p.30)
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