Return of the Krulius was a comic story published on the BBC's website for The Sarah Jane Adventures.

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Rani finds a new icon on her computer. When she clicks on it, a teleport beam sends her to the Krulius' spaceship. Rani runs from the Krulius to find Clyde. Clyde tells her that everything is fine and the Krulius will let them go when it tells her what he wants after he's taken them away from Earth. Rani realises that "Clyde" isn't Clyde; the Judoon had previously prevented them from going to any other planet.

Rani runs away from the fake Clyde, only to be cornered by two Clydes. The Clydes explain that they are Urglanic Shapeshifters and the Krulius is using them to help him take revenge on Sarah and her friends. As they explain, they become their true form — horrible green creatures which look like a swarm of eels. Rani runs away from them and teleports back to Bannerman Road. The Krulius is unfazed, and says this is all part of his plan. Rani tells Sarah, Luke and the real Clyde. Sarah says they should expect more trouble.

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  • The aliens that were captured by the Krulius (COMIC: Monster Hunt) were set free. However the Krulius had managed to take clone cell samples of his former captured aliens with him, which allowed him to grow copies of these aliens, which were all completely in his power.
  • The Krulius returned. He previously appeared in COMIC: Monster Hunt.
  • This comic leads into GAME: Think Before You Sonic!.

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