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The dead planet Onyakis is being plundered by the last survivors of the human race, and their leader, Commander Cobden, will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Already there are rumours of those who stand against him mysteriously disappearing. But when the Doctor and Charley find themselves on the side of those trying to expose Cobden, they discover something far more sinister.

Deep in the mines of Onyakis, alien technology is reactivating. Power is flowing. Something is forming in the darkness…



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  • This was a special release given away to Big Finish subscribers who had The Raincloud Man as part of their subscription.


  • The setting of this story is roughly the same as DW: The Ark in Space. While it does not occur on the Ark itself, the humans involved in the story are colonists fleeing the Earth because of the ravages of solar flares. The main guest stars are all aware of the Ark, but consider its chances for success slim at best. This places the story somewhere between the 31st and 36th centuries, based upon the Doctor's estimate that Nerva Beacon was built in about the 30th century.
  • Krotons first appeared in DW: The Krotons.
  • Much information about the Kroton's beginnings were highlighted in EDA: Alien Bodies.


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