Return of the Elders was a comic story published by Marvel Comics as a backup comic in Doctor Who Magazine issues 249-254. It was written by John Lawrence.

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  • Following the publication of DWMS The Dalek Chronicles, for which Ron Turner created the cover, Turner became interested in continuing the TV Century 21 series. During a lull in work, he produced a sample page for a new The Daleks story. Ron Turner's agent, John Lawrence, then submitted the page to the editor at Doctor Who Magazine.
  • A follow-up to this story, Deadline to Doomsday, was left incomplete at Ron Turner's death. The two pages were published unlettered and without the horizontal title bar in DWM 276.
  • The original TV Century 21 series led into Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.[1] but this story retcons it so that the Dalek fleet was repelled without invading.

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