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Retail Therapy was the fourth and final story of The Ninth Doctor Chronicles, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by James Goss, performed by Nicholas Briggs and Camille Coduri and featured the Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler and Jackie Tyler.

Publisher's summary[]

Jackie Tyler is a success. Every home should have a Glubby Glub, and Jackie is star saleswoman on the Powell Estate. At last, she’s found her calling and it’s only a matter of time before she can give Rose the life she deserves. But the Doctor isn’t impressed. Jackie Tyler isn’t just filling peoples’ houses with useless clutter. He believes she’s launching an alien invasion...


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Uncredited cast[]


  • Among Jackie's guests are Jolene, who brought fairy cakes, and Gemma.
  • Rose and the Doctor are returning to the Powell Estate from the Moons of Fordice.
  • The Doctor is unsure of where the TARDIS laundry room is, and believes it may be sulking.
  • The Doctor says Jackie looks 7 years, 6 months younger with 3% less body fat.
  • The Doctor says dogs pity humans and their inferior hearing.
  • Criticising his wardrobe, Jackie asks if the Doctor is like David Beckham, and throws his T-shirts away after wearing them once. She also wonders how Einstein would react to the Doctor "without a stitch on".
  • Jackie says the Doctor is "no Clint Eastwood".
  • The Glubby Glubs help people sleep for eight or nine full hours, better than prescribed medication.
  • The Doctor has a room full of snow globes on the TARDIS.
  • Jackie brings a bottle of shandy to the TARDIS as a peace offering to the Doctor.
  • The Doctor tells Jackie that he once made lemonade with Archimedes.
  • The Doctor offers a bacon sandwich and ketchup to Rose at a cafe, claiming that worlds have been invaded because of the lack of bacon on other planets. When Rose ponders how bacon can be worth fighting for, the Doctor tells her to ask a pig.
  • The Doctor would say that ketchup is his favourite sauce, but then he would not "look brown sauce in the eye again."
  • Jackie's uncle Tony told her to "never punch a gift horse in the throat."
  • The Doctor once made lemonade with Archimedes.
  • The Doctor notes the invention of spaghetti bolognese as one of humanity's strengths.
  • The Doctor and Rose were recorded by Tycho discussing Jackie in front of a billboard featuring a film actress "who thinks she's better than she is." The Doctor notes that she will attempt to become Prime Minister when the Slybots invade in twenty years time. Concerning her teeth, Jackie comments that it would be like "voting for a mincer."
  • Jackie mentions Uranus and Betelgeuse as planets the Doctor might visit.

Story notes[]

  • This story features the first appearance of Jackie Tyler's friend Arianna, first mentioned in the 2005 premiere Rose. As with the rest of the cast bar Jackie herself, her voice is provided by narrator Nicholas Briggs.


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