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Resurrection was the process by which the deceased were returned to life.


During the Last Great Time War, the Time Lords often resurrected their fallen soldiers, only to put them all on the front lines as "cannon fodder" for Dalek extermination. (AUDIO: Desperate Measures, Legion of the Lost) Early on in the War, they "delved into the [Sisterhood of Karn]'s secrets" to bring back their own. (AUDIO: Assassins)

After falling into the Eye of Harmony, the Master was resurrected by the Time Lords to fight in the Time War. With this resurrection, the Master was given a new regeneration cycle. (TV: Doctor Who, Utopia, The Sound of Drums, The Doctor Falls, AUDIOThe Death of HopeThe Devil You Know)

Rassilon was also resurrected, uploaded from the Matrix into Valerian, toward the beginning of the Time War. (AUDIO: Desperate Measures) Following the Time War, he referred to himself as "Rassilon the Resurrected". (TV: Hell Bent)

After being killed when Cass Fermazzi's ship crashed on Karn, the Eighth Doctor was resurrected by the Sisterhood of Karn with the Elixir of Life as the Sisterhood saw the Doctor as the only chance to stop the Last Great Time War. This resurrection was only temporary and would only last about four minutes, but the Sisterhood offered to use the Elixir to induce and control a regeneration for the Doctor, bringing him back fully. The Doctor ultimately chose to regenerate into "a warrior." (TV: The Night of the Doctor)

After being killed by the Daleks on Game Station, Jack Harkness was resurrected by Rose Tyler as the Bad Wolf entity. (TV: The Parting of the Ways) However, Rose could not control the power and instead brought Jack back forever. This resulted in Jack constantly coming back to life after each time he died. The Tenth Doctor was unable to fix this and was unsure if Jack would ever permanently die or not. (TV: Utopia, Last of the Time Lords)

After injecting himself with a massive amount of Jack Harkness' blood to stop the Miracle, Rex Matheson resurrected from being killed by Charlotte Wills shooting him. (TV: The Blood Line)

After the Master was killed by Lucy Saxon and cremated, the Disciples of Saxon took the Master's ring and used it, the Potion of Life and the biometric imprint left upon Lucy's lips by the Master's kiss to resurrect him. As part of his resurrection, the Master began drawing the life force from the cult. However, Lucy countered this with a Potion of Death that interrupted the Master's resurrection and created an explosion that destroyed the prison. The Master survived, but was left with a degenerating body, a ravenous appetite, an even more deranged personality and the ability to fire energy bolts from his hands. (TV: The End of Time) The Time Lords were later able to repair these problems, fully restoring the Master. (TV: The Doctor Falls)

The Eleventh Doctor was poisoned by River Song and died. After being convinced by Amy Pond and Rory Williams that the Doctor was "worth it", River sacrificed her remaining regenerations to resurrect the Doctor. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

The Eleventh Doctor's companion Rory Williams had a habit of dying and coming back to life in various ways.

Rory first died when he took a blast from a Silurian for the Doctor and died. He was subsequently erased by a Crack. (TV: Cold Blood) Rory eventually returned as an Auton duplicate, but with the memories and personality of the real Rory. After the Big Bang Two, the original Rory was fully restored. (TV: The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang)

Rory later drowned, but was revived by Amy Pond through CPR. (TV: The Curse of the Black Spot)

After being sent back in time by a Weeping Angel, an elderly Rory from an alternate timeline died in a room in Winter Quay. To prevent this, Rory and Amy jumped off of Winter Quay, killing them both but negating this timeline and bringing them both back. Before jumping off the roof, Rory referred to his many resurrections by responding "when don't I" when asked if he thought he would just come back to life. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan)

Due to the influence of his Auton nature, Rory Williams was forced to shoot and kill Amy with his hand gun. Following total event collapse, the Eleventh Doctor put Amy into the Pandorica which could resurrect Amy with a sample of her DNA due to its nature as a prison that the prisoner couldn't escape from even through death. Following the touch of a young Amelia Pond in 1996, the Pandorica fully restored Amy. (TV: The Pandorica Opens, The Big Band)

Alongside Rory, Amy died when she jumped off the roof of Winter Quay in order to defeat the Weeping Angels by creating a paradox. Their sacrifice negated the alternate timeline that Winter Quay had existed in, restoring both to life. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan)

After dying during the Battle of Demons Run, Strax was resurrected by Vastra and Jenny Flint with the resurrection device. The Eleventh Doctor would later suggest that Strax was resurrected without some of his intelligence. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War, The Snowmen)

After falling off of a cloud with the Ice Governess, Clara Oswin Oswald was resurrected by Strax with the resurrection device. However, her injuries were too severe to recover from and she died once more a short time later. (TV: The Snowmen)

After suffering a "complete cardio collapse" from an attack by the Whisper Men, Jenny was resurrected by Strax with the resurrection device. According to Strax, it was a simple matter of restarting her heart with the device. (TV: The Name of the Doctor)

A young boy was accidentally killed by Danny Pink while he was serving as a soldier. (TV: Dark Water) After defeating Missy's army of Cybermen, Danny used her bracelet to open a portal from the Nethersphere into Clara Oswald's flat and sent the boy through, resurrecting him. (TV: Death in Heaven)

After Ashildr died stopping the Mire, the Twelfth Doctor modified a Mire repair kit in order to resurrect her. The resurrection effectively left Ashildr entirely immortal, allowing her to survive until the end of the universe when all other immortals had died. (TV: The Girl Who Died, Hell Bent)

In order to counteract the effects of the Eyes of Hades, the Twelfth Doctor and Ashildr used a second modified Mire repair kit in order to resurrect Sam Swift. The Doctor speculated that closing the portal opened by the Eyes of Hades burned through the energy that would've made Sam immortal, but he wasn't sure. (TV: The Woman Who Lived)

After Charlie Smith used the Cabinet of Souls to destroy the Shadow Kin, April MacLean was somehow resurrected in the body of Corakinus whom she had shared a heart with and who had died along with April when Charlie shot her. (TV: The Lost)

After the death of the Recon Scout Dalek, human scientist Leo Rugazzi inadvertently resurrected the Dalek by cloning it from DNA left in its burned and melted casing. The clone contained the consciousness of the original because, as the Thirteenth Doctor explained, a Dalek's consciousness can survive in the tinniest fragment of their DNA, something that Leo was unaware of. (TV: Revolution of the Daleks)

Methods of resurrection[]

The Sisterhood of Karn was able to resurrect Time Lords using their Elixir of Life. However, this was a temporary measure and only brought back the resurrected for a few minutes. Another dose of Elixir could be used to induce and control a regeneration, bringing the Time Lord back completely. (TV: The Night of the Doctor)

The Bad Wolf entity had the ability to resurrect the dead. However, as Rose Tyler didn't possess complete control over this power, she made Jack Harkness immortal. (TV: The Parting of the Ways, Utopia)

The Time Lords had the ability to resurrect deceased Time Lords, (TV: The Sound of Drums, AUDIO: Desperate Measures, Legion of the Lost) often with the use of a resurrection engine. (AUDIO: Desperate Measures)

Before his Harold Saxon incarnation was killed, the Master detailed the "Potion of Life" to the Disciples of Saxon in the Secret Books of Saxon. Combined with the Master's ring and his biometric imprint, this was capable of resurrecting the Master even after cremation. However, a Potion of Death could interrupt the resurrection and make it go wrong. (TV: The End of Time)

Due to the Pandorica's nature as a prison from which the prisoner inside couldn't escape, even by dying, placing a dead person inside and then providing the Pandorica with a sample of their DNA was an effective means of resurrection. The Pandorica required a live sample of DNA which could be extracted from a younger version of the person. (TV: The Big Bang)

A Mire repair kit modified by the Twelfth Doctor was capable of resurrecting a human. However, due to the nature of the technology, the repair kit tended to make the person immortal. The resurrected person retained their human nature aside from their immortality and as such had the limits of a regular human, such as a human memory span. At least one person resurrected in this manner survived until the end of the universe. (TV: The Girl Who Died, The Woman Who Lived, Hell Bent)