Resolution was the first New Year Special of Doctor Who since The End of Time: Part Two in 2010. It was broadcast on New Year's Day 2019 and, according to Chris Chibnall, was a "de facto" conclusion on series 11, despite the previous story acting as a finale.[1]

This episode featured the return of the Daleks, who were the first returning enemies since Chibnall took over as showrunner at the start of the series. As such, this was also the first encounter between the Thirteenth Doctor and the Daleks. The Dalek in this story notably features a new design, the first since the New Dalek Paradigm were introduced in 2010's Victory of the Daleks.

Resolution is also notable for introducing a new form of Dalek weaponry. Besides the gunstick and manipulator arm (here in the form of a claw, rather than the "plunger" design), this Dalek also demonstrated possession and use of multiple short-range missiles behind each of its orbs. It also marked the introduction of a new class of Dalek, the reconnaissance scout.

This story furthers Ryan's character arc by introducing his father, who had been referred to throughout the preceding season, and addressing the conflict between them.

Behind the camera, it marked the return of director Wayne Yip, who had previously worked on Doctor Who and Class during the Steven Moffat era. He was the first returning director since Chibnall became showrunner.

It was also the first Chibnall-era production to make use of a returning editor, Edel McDonnell, and a returning director of photography, Stuart Biddlecombe.

Notably, this episode broke the tradition of yearly Christmas specials, which had aired every 25 December since 2005.

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On Earth, New Year's Day 2019, a long-buried creature is beginning to stir. The most dangerous creature in the universe, and it will stop at nothing to claim the Earth. Conquest in 9376 rels.

The Doctor must gather all her friends and resources to prevent another invasion. And if they fail... The Daleks are coming.

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In the 9th century, a creature attacks the Earth. Three tribes of people come together to destroy it. After many deaths, they succeed and cut it into three pieces. The Three Custodians transport them to three distinct places around the world: Anuta Island, Siberia and Yorkshire. The third Custodian in England attempts to take his piece to Yorkshire but is killed en route by thieves, shot from his horse while in Sheffield. The man's final fragment remains unguarded for over 1000 years.

It's New Year's Day in 2019.

to be continued

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Daleks Edit

  • The Dalek buried on Earth is a reconnaissance scout.
  • Removed from their casing, Kaled mutants can control humans, and use them as vehicles instead.
  • Kaled mutants can be restored to life by energy from ultraviolet lamps, even if they are split into pieces.
  • When possessing a human, the Kaled's hatred for life is felt.
  • A reconnaissance scout can laugh.
  • The reconnaissance scout's new casing features missiles - the Dalek uses one to destroy a tank while knocking one of the tank's own projectiles out of the air.

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  • The TARDIS lands on Graham's wooden chair when the team arrives at Graham's house.
  • Lin constructs a new Dalek casing, welding it out of remnants of its old shell, as well as metals found at Dinkle's farm.

Clothing Edit

  • The Doctor wears a long scarf during their New Year celebrations.
  • Lin dons a pink bathrobe, on the Dalek's command.

Weapons Edit

  • The soldiers in the Battle of Hope Valley fight with swords.
  • The third Custodian is killed by an arrow on his way to the Yorkshire burial site.
  • Lin, controlled by the Dalek, retrieves its Dalek gunstick from the MDZ Research facility.
  • The newly designed Dalek casing has short-range missiles behind its sense globes.
  • The Army tries to destroy the Dalek with a tank, which it promptly blows it up with one of its missiles.

Technology Edit

  • The Doctor thinks Graham's doorbell is an intruder alert.
  • The Dalek commands Lin to open her laptop, which it uses to assess Earth's military capabilities.
  • Aaron is trying to sell a Matsoki combination microwave and oven. The Doctor later uses the microwave oven to attack the Dalek.
  • Ryan mentions that you can buy a microwave online.
  • The Doctor follows Mitch's mobile phone signal.
  • Lin, controlled by the Dalek, shoots out CCTV cameras with her Dalek gunstick.
  • The Army sergeant thinks the Dalek is a drone.
  • There is a wind turbine near the site where the Army engages the Dalek.
  • In order to contact the Dalek fleet, the Dalek takes control of GCHQ's relay dishes, and syphons off power from the rest of the UK to aid in the transmission.
    • In doing so, the Dalek shuts down the Wi-Fi across the UK, as well as all telephone signals.

Vehicles Edit

  • The Dalek drives Lin's car while controlling her. They proceed to steal Will and the other officer's police car.

Science Edit

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Medicine Edit

  • The Doctor gives Lin medicine which will help her recover from her time under Dalek control. She warns her not to take it with alcohol, or she'll grow an extra head.

Zoology Edit

  • Lin thinks the Dalek mutant looks like a massive squid.

Measurements Edit

  • The Doctor can't remember how long a rel is.

Culture Edit

  • When the Dalek shuts down the Wi-Fi across the UK, two teenagers lament that they cannot access Netflix.
  • A man in the café is reading a copy of the Sheffield Advertiser. The front page features the headline: "Local bus route may change".

Story notes Edit


The Dalek in this story was entirely radio-operated.

Resolution Title Card

The title card is at the end.

  • Like The End of Time: Part One and The Big Bang before it, Resolution takes place on the day it was broadcast: 1 January 2019.
  • This is the first television story in which Nicholas Briggs is credited as "Nick Briggs". It is also his first credit under Chris Chibnall.
  • Briggs revealed that he wanted to make this particular Dalek super arrogant and that he wanted it to sound as little as possible like the regular Daleks as it is sitting on Lin's back as it is speaking within its mind.[4]
  • The Daleks' gunfire sound from Remembrance of the Daleks is reused in this story.
  • Following the Special, in which the Dalek attacked the GCHQ, the real-world establishment jokingly reported that they were back up and running once again.[5]
  • To keep the return of the Daleks a surprise, two methods were used:
    • Nick Briggs (Voice of the Dalek) remained uncredited both in Radio Times and on BBC iPlayer.
    • The Dalek was codenamed "Kevin".[6]

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  • 5.15 million (UK overnight)[7]
  • 6.95 million (UK consolidated ratings)[8]

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If you'd like to talk about narrative problems with this story — like plot holes and things that seem to contradict other stories — please go to this episode's discontinuity discussion.

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  • The episode's full title was going to be Resolution of the Daleks.[source needed] Resolution was the full title.

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