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Requiem in D minor was the last music piece composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart before his death.

It was composed in Vienna (AUDIO: My Own Private Wolfgang, A Requiem for the Doctor) and finished in 1791. (AUDIO: My Own Private Wolfgang) However, human history did not preserve the ending of the Requiem.

According to one account, the ending of the Requiem was infected with an alien parasite, known in Vienna as Aqua Galatia, from which Mozart suffered in his last days and eventually died. During the first performance of the Requiem, the parasite started affecting the audience and musicians through the music. To prevent multiple deaths, the Fifth Doctor, assisted by River Song and Brooke, had to destroy the last pages of the music score. (AUDIO: A Requiem for the Doctor)

According to another account, the Sixth Doctor removed the last pages while restoring the original timeline where Mozart died early. The Doctor did it in order to lessen the demand for Mozart clones in the future to prevent them from being mistreated. (AUDIO: My Own Private Wolfgang)

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