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{{Infobox Individual
A '''reporter''' was announcing the [[BAFTA]]s. ([[AUDIO]]: ''[[The Crooked Man (audio story)|The Crooked Man]]'')
|main alias =
|image =
|species = Human
|job =
|affiliation =
|origin = Earth
|first mention =
|first =
|only = The Crooked Man (audio story)
|appearances =
|main actor =
|voice actor = Robin Pearce
A '''reporter''' was announcing the BAFTAs. ([[AUDIO]]: ''[[The Crooked Man (audio story)|The Crooked Man]]'')
[[Category:21st century individuals]]
[[Category:21st century individuals]]
[[Category:Humans with unknown names]]
[[Category:Human journalists]]

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A reporter was announcing the BAFTAs. (AUDIO: The Crooked Man)

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