Reparation was the ninth story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology A Life Worth Living. It was written by Gregg Smith.

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Benny is supposed to go to Viveka to return artwork that had been stolen by the Fifth Axis. However, Braxiatel informs her that Jason, who is ten days overdue from a supply run, had been arrested but is now on his way back to the Collection. He tells Benny that Bev will take her place on the mission so that Benny can spend some time with Jason.

Bev, Adrian, and three other Killorans bring the artwork to Viveka. During their stay, tensions are high between the native Erinanceans and the human colonists. These tensions are worsened by one of the pieces of art, a set of statues that depicts a romanticised version of first contact between the Erinanceans and the humans.

Their hosts are busy so Bev spends most of her time with Adrian. She tries to convince him that Benny is not interested in him romantically. They disagree on whether it was right to return the artwork to Viveka.

After a few days, protesters storm the library and try to destroy the statues. The human leaders agree with Bev's suggestion that the statues be brought to the Collection for the time being to protect them.

Back on the Collection, Benny is highly suspicious of Brax, believing that he intended all along for the statues to come back to the Collection.

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