The Remonstration Bureau was an organisation of assassins founded by Mrs Foyle.

After giving over control of the House of the Rising Sun, Foyle created the Bureau. It would, for a price, kill any individual almost anywhere in space and time. She used the labyrinth she had discovered earlier to distribute her assassins through history.

She considered herself the ethical anchor of the business, making all final deals.

The Bureau was initially based on Friedman's World, but after numerous police raids she moved. Foyle secretly relocated the headquarters to the final moments of the universe, making it roughly contemporaneous with the City of the Saved. Based on a satellite orbiting a collapsing star, it was time looped to constantly snatch it from final destruction. The satellite had no defences, but any attack would disable the maintenance of the time loop. When the location was finally discovered by the Homeworld during the War in Heaven, it was deemed too inconvenient to destroy.

However, to delineate the limits of the Bureau amongst the time-active powers, Foyle came to an mostly unwritten agreement with them. There was at least one written section, though, that gave the agreement its name, the Voodoo Charter. This was due to their accommodation with Faction Paradox that no assassinations would take place within the Eleven-Day Empire.

Employing hundreds of assassins, some of the most notable were Lamia and Mr Stripes, the Great Nobodaddy, Captain Hugo Mabuse and Bradleigh, Irma Vep, Mistress Orlando and the Knight Immortal. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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