Remembrance was the first story printed in the third year of Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor.

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  • While intending to visit John Jones, the Doctor and Alice ended up in his funeral. This story was released one day after the first anniversary of the death David Bowie, who was the inspiration for John Jones' character.
  • Whitestar is a reference to David Bowie's song "Black Star". It was also the name of his final album.
  • The word 'Britzit' used by the colonists who broke off from the main colonies to create their own world is most likely a play on the word "Brexit", which was the name of the 2016 movement for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Britzit-247 is populated by a giant robot that resembles Boris Johnson and a group of individuals who all resemble Nigel Farage.
  • The working title for this story was New Beginnings.[1]

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