Rema-Du was a Gallifreyan and the daughter of Lord Griffen and Lady Jolodex.

In the early days of the Time Lords, she accompanied the Special Executive, a mercenary group, to retrieve the criminal Fenris. Alongside Wardog, she entered the Zone of No Return and was forced to splinter herself from one end of time to the other to retrieve Fenris. (COMIC: 4-D War)

Ten years later, she took part in negotiation involving the Sontarans and the Order of the Black Sun. She engaged a romantic affair with a representative of the Black Sun, Adamath. In the last day of the conference, she witnessed the murder of the Black Sun Elder, due to a Sontaran plot. (COMIC: Black Sun Rising)

Behind the scenes Edit

Remu-Du would reappear in Lance Parkin's Executive Action, published in Walking in Eternity in 2001. In the story, she has become Wardog's lover, and flees Gallifrey with him and the Special Executive. This story is meant to bridge the gap between Black Sun Rising and Alan Moore's later uses of the Executive outside of Doctor Who, leaving Remu-Du's final fate unknown. This is the same story that asserts the Special Executive were Rassilon's early Loom experiments.

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