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A rel was a Dalek unit of measurement, principally of time.

The Daleks used rels for time measurement, (AUDIO: The Genocide Machine, The Mutant Phase, The Four Doctors, Blood of the Daleks, TV: Doomsday, COMIC: The Dalek Project) having inherited it from the Kaleds before them. (AUDIO: Guilt, The Master's Dalek Plan) A rel was approximately 1.2 seconds. (TV: Evolution of the Daleks)

In other contexts, it was a unit of speed. (COMIC: Plague of Death, The Emissaries of Jevo) A rel was also used as a unit of hydroelectric energy, not to be confused with a vep, the unit used for artificial sunlight. (The Dalek Book)[additional sources needed] When the New Dalek Empire tried to destroy the multiverse with a reality bomb powered by an arrangement of planets in the Medusa Cascade, they launched a countdown from two hundred rels until they would attempt to use it. (TV: Journey's End)

"Rel" was also used in an idiomatic sense. When Rose Tyler revealed she had been on a Lect ship, Glom said, "Wait a rel," before declaring she was with the "Riders". (COMIC: Weapons of Past Destruction)

Within the sphere chamber of Torchwood Tower in 2007, Dalek Jast ordered that the communications barrier be rewinded by nine rels, having spotted the image of the Tenth Doctor during the contact with Cyber-Leader One. (TV: Doomsday)

In 1930, Dalek Caan, after reporting in minutes, called out a countdown of forty rels before a gamma strike hit the Empire State Building. (TV: Evolution of the Daleks)

Aboard the Crucible, a Dalek called out a countdown of ten rels before the Doctor's TARDIS was seemingly destroyed by the Z-Neutrino core. Later, the Supreme Dalek called a countdown of ten rels prior to testing the calibration of the reality bomb. Once the planetary alignment field was activated, the Supreme Dalek began a countdown of two hundred rels to universal reality detonation. Finally, the Supreme Dalek called down the last twenty rels only for the bomb to be stopped at the last moment by the DoctorDonna. (TV: Journey's End)

Aboard a Dalek flying saucer in 1941, the first Strategist Dalek of the New Dalek Paradigm reported that a time jump would be performed in thirty rels. (TV: Victory of the Daleks)

When one Dalek predicted conquest of Earth in 9376 rels, the Thirteenth Doctor had trouble remembering how long a rel was. (TV: Resolution)

Behind the scenes Edit

Rel counter

A rel counter, appearing to show one Earth minute as equal to 50 rels. (NOTVALID: Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.)

Before appearing in early Doctor Who comics, the word rel originated from the film Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. starring Peter Cushing as Dr. Who. However, this wiki does not consider the Peter Cushing movies as part of the DWU.

Given that rels are established to be 1.2 seconds in TV: Evolution of the Daleks, the 9376 rels mentioned in TV: Resolution are approximately equivalent to 3 hours, 7 minutes and 31 seconds.

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