Reef Holloway was the vocalist for the 63rd line-up of Pakafroon Wabster. He suffered from pedal immersion addiction, meaning he had to have an herbal foot bath every four or five hours. With the band's popularity on the decline, they went on a trip to Malphapalooza in an attempt to save their careers, but along the way time spillage from the ship's engines placed them in a time loop, during which they constantly relived their deaths in the destruction of their ship.

When the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler arrived on the ship in the TARDIS, they tried to save the passengers, but failed and died with them when the ship exploded. During this iteration, he refused to leave his foot bath for the escape pods. When the loop restarted, the Doctor and Rose, unlike the others, remembered what had happened and used their knowledge to save the band members' lives, expose Jacey's plan to kill them, and free them from the loop. During this last iteration, the Doctor used Reef's footh bath to put out the fire that had broken out on the ship. (COMIC: Interstellar Overdrive)

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