Redvers Fenn-Cooper was an English hunter and fellow of the Royal Geographical Society who, after going mad in Africa, ended up as a prisoner in Gabriel Chase, Perivale.

A diary written by Fenn-Cooper was read by the Seventh Doctor in the Library of St John the Beheaded. Dr John Watson stated that he was a fan of the explorer's adventures and the Doctor remarked sadly that he was looking for him. (PROSE: All-Consuming Fire)

Fenn-Cooper and Arthur Conan Doyle saw giant reptiles which resembled dinosaurs. During a hunting trip to Central Africa, Redvers saw a bright light that made him mad. He claimed it had wings. As a result, he had a morbid fear of light itself.

By some unknown means, Fenn-Cooper was taken to Gabriel Chase and was taken care of there, after a fashion, "for his own protection". The new head of the household, the alien Josiah Samuel Smith, who had caused the murder of the house's previous owner, had manipulated Redvers into believing he must assassinate Queen Victoria, whom Smith wanted to depose. Smith planned to use the invitation from the queen which Fenn-Cooper had received to enable him to go and shoot the queen using Redvers' hunting skills.

Redvers struck up a relationship with the alien Control. When the invitations came, he decided to take Control instead of Josiah, thus crushing the plan. He then joined Control and Nimrod in exploring the universe in Light's ship. (TV: Ghost Light)

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