Red Rocket Rising was a planet colonised by humans.

Astronomical data[edit | edit source]

Red Rocket Rising was similar to Earth in terms of atmosphere and gravity, but had several suns. After an asteroid impact, the debris blocked out the suns, bringing down the temperature and causing acid rain. Within the same star system existed a world that began with "Tel" and was inhabited by a race similar to humans. (AUDIO: Blood of the Daleks)

Human colony[edit | edit source]

The humans lived on at least two continents of Red Rocket Rising. They had lost most of their records of the rest of the universe. They used solar powered cars, fission cell batteries, bioscanners, hologram generators and credits. (AUDIO: Blood of the Daleks)

History[edit | edit source]

At some point, a Dalek ship crashed on Red Rocket Rising and was taken apart by the humans. Professor Martez believed these Daleks were the future of humanity and created Daleks from human tissue over several years, first from corpses and then from living people. He was found out and arrested. Before this, he contacted the original Daleks, believing they could work together. The original Daleks believed the new Daleks were an abomination and redirected an asteroid to destroy all life on Red Rocket Rising.

The humans of Red Rocket Rising tried to escape on exodus ships, but they couldn't hold all the inhabitants. The remaining people hid underground, but were unprepared for the impact winter. The Daleks blew up the exodus ship and came for the survivors, claiming they were there to help. They started exterminating the humans once they came to their ships and then went in search of the mutant Daleks. The Eighth Doctor agreed to help them destroy the Daleks, but they turned on him as well. They tried to destroy Martez's labrotory with their ship, but it crashed and the Daleks were forced to fight in person. After a fight between the pure Daleks, mutant Daleks and the surviving humans, all the Daleks were destroyed. According to Acting President Eileen Klint, another fleet of ships was on its way to rescue the survivors shortly afterwards, coming from a planet that began with "Tel" on the edge of Red Rocket Rising's star system. (AUDIO: Blood of the Daleks)

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