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Red Queen (A Rag, a Bone, a Hank of Hair...)

Red Queen was one of the creations of Mad Jim Japsers alongside the rest of the Crazy Gang. (COMIC: Foolsmate) She was created on the Crooked World. (COMIC: Myth, Memory and Legend)


Original version[]

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Weeping over his lack of companionship Mad Jim Jaspers created a bunch of "new friends" including Red Queen, Knave, Jester, Tweedledope and the Executioner. Jaspers explained his existence as creator of everything to his new creations before being interupted by a battle between Captain Britain and The Fury. (COMIC: Foolsmate)

Behind the scenes[]

Red Queen as he appears with the rest of the Crazy Gang in Marvel Comics.

The Crazy Gang is based on characters from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

The Gang first appeared in Marvel Comics' Marvel Super-Heroes (UK) Vol 1 in 1981. This early incarnation of the team, known as the Earth-238 version, were relatively the same as the later Earth-616 counterpart with the exception of the Knave and Jester being called the Jack of Hearts and Coco respectively, as well as the presence of additional members the Dormouse and two Conjurers. This original team debuted in the DWU in A Rag, a Bone, a Hank of Hair as they were seen in a flashback told by Merlin the Wise. The 1984 story Foolsmate, which is also covered on this site due to reference to the Special Executive, revived the team with the the aforementioned changed (the in-universe explanation being that the original group had been destroyed and this version of the gang was Jasper's reconstruction of the original). They went on to appear in several Captain Britain stories, the only one covered by this site being Myth, Memory and Legend.

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