You may be looking for the Recorder or the Doctor's recorder.

The recorder was a musical instrument.

The Second Doctor frequently played his recorder, especially when he needed to think deeply about something. (TV: The Power of the Daleks, et al.)

He also on occasion used it as a telescope. (TV: The Invasion, The War Games)

Shortly after his regeneration, the Fifth Doctor found a recorder lying around in the TARDIS and attempted to play it, but he quickly decided that it was just not his style. (TV: Castrovalva)

At some point before his eleventh incarnation, the Doctor played the recorder at a Roseland Ballroom concert with Ella Fitzgerald; it did not end well. (PROSE: Night of the Humans)

The Eleventh Doctor carried a recorder and played it. (PROSE: Shroud of Sorrow)

On Friday evenings, Jacqui would usually sit around the fire and play her recorder at the peace camp. (PROSE: Return of the Living Dad)

A lassimater was part flute, part recorder and part didgeridoo, and made the most beautiful music in the universe. (PROSE: Most Beautiful Music)

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