Réchauffé Incorporated was an Earth-based company in 2002 specialising in biotechnology and genetic research. The company was a front for the Crimson Chapter of the Orbus Postramo.

The company's main facility was a former Ministry of Defence research facility in Cloots Coombe. A chemical leak from the MoD facility had made the entire population of the village sterile. Through the village squire, Rechauffe had the villagers donate money and their DNA, ostensibly to clone them and give them children, but actually in an attempt to create artificial clone soldiers. All they were successful in doing was creating an entity that fed off of life energy. Josh Townsend lit the building on fire, destroying the entity. Mr Harris informed Reverend Gosforth that the company declared bankruptcy and liquidated its assets the next day. (AUDIO: Comeback)

Recovering from bankruptcy, the company renamed itself Mandrake Corp and concentrated its efforts on developing a cure for the Marburg virus at its Pangbourne Scientific Lab. In reality the lab was the Crimson Chapterhouse, and was secretly working to produce far deadlier strains of the virus, to be used to bring about the End Times prophesied in the Book of Tomorrows. After the Crimson Chapter released the improved virus on protesters just outside the labs, Sarah Jane Smith and members of the rival White Chapter broke in, retrieved the cure, and shut the operation down. (AUDIO: Fatal Consequences)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

"Réchauffé" is a French word meaning "warmed up leftovers".

"Mandrake" is the anglicised version of Mandragora.

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