A receptionist was an individual that answered telephones and handled those who visited the business where they worked.

In September 1995, a receptionist welcomed Sarah Jane Smith to New World University when she wanted to visit Victoria Waterfield. (HOMEVID: Downtime)

Guleraana Arbid worked as a receptionist at Torchwood One in 2005. (AUDIO: New Girl)

When the Eighth Doctor arrived in a hotel in Singapore in 2008, the receptionist told him that the clocks couldn't be wrong because they had beryllium chips. (AUDIO: The Girl Who Never Was)

In 2010, Maddie was the receptionist at the Brainy Crisps company offices. (PROSE: Code of the Krillitanes)

The Broadcast Lodge receptionist directed the Conscience to the DJ. (AUDIO: The Natural History of Fear)

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