Reality Cheque was a Doctor Who Adventures comic strip published in 2011.

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The Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams land in a pea-souper of smog in London 1885 on Threadneedle Street EC2, home to the Bank of England. They are alerted to a powerful explosion, but when they get there everyone seems oblivious to the damage and carries on with their everyday lives.

Traces of carbonite in the air reveal an alien presence at work. Another explosion from down in the vaults attracts the travellers' attention and they run to investigate. There appears to be no sign of damage to the vaults and no-one around except a kindly old flower seller. Amy is concerned and tries to coax the old lady back up the stairs to safety. However, the Doctor suddenly turns on the old woman and throwing the flowers aside, uncovers a traffic-calming measure from the Aldebaran Astrobahn, a small device that pacifies space pilots so they can fly safely. The device is being used to cover up the raid on the bank.

The old woman suddenly changes into an armed alien bank robber, who grabs Rory. Before the robber can fire his gun, the Doctor reactivates the reality check device and points it at the robber to give him suggestions that he takes – that he doesn't want to fire his gun, that he doesn't want to be a criminal, and that all the happiness he will ever need can be found in a single flower!

Dancing off, the robber leaves the bank, planning to go home and plant a garden full of beautiful flowers. With the reality check no longer influencing the bank staff and customers, there is a sudden panic as the full extent of the damage is seen, along with a big green alien dancing around holding a flower.

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