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You may be looking for the non-DWU company.

Real SFX Showreel 2017

Real SFX showreel

Real SFX is a production company which provided the special effects for Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures beginning in 2010, for Torchwood beginning in 2011, and for Class beginning in 2016.

They have provided the SFX for Doctor Who throughout both Steven Moffat's and Chris Chibnall's time running the programme.


Danny Hargreaves talks special effects up on the set of Doctor Who

Danny Hargreaves talks about his job as SFX supervisor at the Doctor Who Festival in 2016.

Though no longer specifically credited on Doctor Who, Danny Hargreaves is in charge of all Real SFX projects, as special effects supervisor. Hargreaves' wife, Carmela Carrubba, is the company director. James Smith was a special effects co-ordinator, Jade Pool was an assistant special effects supervisor, sometimes a special effects co-ordinator, and Russ Perkin was a special effects technician.


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