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Ray Holman (born 18 October 1961[1]) was the main costume designer on Torchwood from series 1 to 3, and on Doctor Who in series 5, 9, 11 and 12. He also worked on the double-banked Doctor Who series 3 and 4 stories Blink and Turn Left during Louise Page's run as the main costume designer. His most ubiquitous contributions to the Doctor Who universe were the design of the Eleventh Doctor's series 5 costume and the Thirteenth Doctor's series 11 costume.

At the same time he was employed on Doctor Who, he was also costume designer for Sherlock, a co-creation of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, produced by Sue Vertue in Cardiff for BBC Wales.

His involvement with BBC Wales likely came as a result of his work on Sea of Souls, a show initially produced by Phil Collinson. His first work on television was for the finale of the mostly Peter Davison-less series 6 of All Creatures Great and Small, helmed by King's Demons director, Tony Virgo.

In 2000, he was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award for his work on This is Personal - The Hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper. In 2008, he won a Welsh BAFTA for series 1 of Torchwood, and was nominated for the award again in 2009 for series 2.

He likes to put a red button on the cuffs of his characters or even a red buttonhole.


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